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Welcome to Guiffy Software
At Guiffy our focus is Advanced Cross-Platform Diff/Merge software. Our product is a visual file compare diff tool, merge tool, and folder compare tool that makes comparing and merging sources easy and reliable. Guiffy is used around the world by thousands of professional organizations on a wide variety of platforms (Including: Windows, MacOS X, Linux, and Unix).

Guiffy News:

May 7, 2024: Guiffy 12.3 released . . .
  • Ignore Whitespace EOL option
  • Platform support updates
May 2, 2023: Guiffy 12.2 released . . .
  • New Installers for Windows, MacOS, and Linux
  • Folder Compare enhanced date format
September 6, 2022: Guiffy 12.1 released . . .
  • Default max heap size
  • Styles: Apply Font option
  • Toolbars: multi-resolution icons
February 8, 2022: Guiffy 12.0 released . . .
  • Dark Mode
  • Auto UI Scale
  • Mac ARM support

Our 3 way Merge Tool - SureMerge™
Guiffy 12.0 Dark Mode
(In Dark Mode on Windows 11)
  • Guiffy's Trustworthy 3 way merge tool, called SureMerge™, surpasses all other merge tools with its intelligent hybrid algorithms and ease-of-use. See our SureMerge White Paper which includes test kit files for evaluating 3 way merge tools. For more Merge Tool info...

  • Guiffy's visual diff tool can be used to compare source files of any type with builtin support of Unicode (UTF8 & UTF16), MBCS, SJIS, and over 150 File Encoding and character set formats.
    diff/merge Unicode-16
          (File Compare Diff Tool view)

    For more File Compare Tool info...
Plus, Guiffy fits into your environment...
Guiffy includes: CM integrations (Git, SVN, ClearCase, Perforce and many more),
Desktop integrations, Command Line Interfaces, and an API library.
For further information, see these topics in Guiffy's Help.

  • Guiffy also provides folder compare and file tree synchronization capabilities. Expand a subfolder... Double-click on a file in Guiffy's Directory Compare and a File Compare view is quickly generated in another window.
    launch file compares from folder compares
    (Folder Compare launches Diff Tool view)

    For more Folder Compare info...
  • File Compare reports saved as HTML... reflect all of Guiffy's Style (Color and Font) choices and the diff tool results driven by Ignore and Show options.
    compare reports saved as HTML
    (File Compare Report saved as HTML)
And, Guiffy consistently receives the very highest review ratings...
Jolt Award
For further information, see our Tucows, Dr. Dobbs, and CNET reviews.

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